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Hello. Sawubona. Wamkelekile and Welkom to the online persona of Inter-Net, the international award winning digital, loyalty and innovation agency that’s been giving the internet a point since 2010. We see ourselves as the point of convergence between Creative, Media and Technology.

Like the purveyors of innovation that we are, we’re innovating too. We’re re-engineering our website (again) to ensure our look is always on point, just like we ensure our clients are too.

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#Whois Inter-Net?

“Most of us understand that innovation is enormously important. It's the only insurance against irrelevance. It's the only guarantee of long-term customer loyalty. It's the only strategy for out-performing a dismal economy.”

Gary Hamel

About Us

Inter-Net is an… award-winning creative, media and technology agency that… designs, develops and deploys… Innovative Interactive Intelligent Customer Entanglement solutions. Echoing its namesake as well as elements of its name… Inter-Net’s heartbeat is digital, its DNA is innovation and its purpose is to entangle its client’s customers to achieve brand loyalty. The agency differentiates itself through a unique combination of…
Talent (acclaimed strategic & operational experts with both corporate and agency experience)… Boutique services (like the inimitable and exclusive Loyalty Program Audit, the exceptional Horizon innovation management system, dazzling strategic insight about your business and even access to those enigmatic millenials) and…
Disruptive creative agency solutions (from AR to VR, from apps to VAPS, from wellness to websites). Inter-Net is based in Johannesburg and operates across South Africa, with increasing activity in Africa. The agency also has a global reach as a member of the international Inter-Direct Network. Founded in 2010, Inter-Net is a sister company to 5th Dimension, which has been SA’s leading direct marketing agency for 16 years, and a member of the Gallimaufry Group of companies. Inter-Net is black-owned and is a level 3 contributor to B-BBEE. Contact us to experience “Digital Marketing That Works”… and follow us on social media.

Awards We’ve Won

Together with its sister company, 5th Dimension Marketing, Inter-Net won 11 international awards and 6 South African awards in 2015 alone. Between 2007 and 2014, both agencies won 30 Assegai Awards. Inter-Net’s Innovation Management portfolio has won an Assegai Award for 3 years in a row, and also ensured that one of its clients won a coveted Masters Semi-Finalist award at the inaugural Accenture Innovation Awards in 2015. Click here to see our full list of awards

Our Home-grown Products

Horizon Idea Management System: An award winning, made in SA, tried-and-trusted, open-loop innovation management system for companies that are seeking a simplified, cost-efficient, risk-free solution which harnesses the power of their human capital.
Innovation Starter Pack: A holistic approach that’s won awards for clients, this is the ideal module-based set of solutions designed for companies looking to kick-start their innovation journey without turning their day-to-day operations upside down.
The Only Loyalty & CRM Audit in SA: If you’re thinking of starting a loyalty program, or if you are looking to add more effervescence to your existing program, this audit is what you need.
Product and Program Design: The design, development and deployment of bespoke Customer Experience programs for all your stakeholders (B2B Clients and Partners , B2C Customers and Employees)
ROI-Driven Digital Marketing solutions: Beyond passion to focus, starting from a commercial model, structuring segmentation matrices, working through disruptive media channels and ending with social listening exercises to benchmark your campaign, the agency is renowned for delivering complex and integrated marketing campaigns to ensure the RIGHT message, goes to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time, using the RIGHT channel.

Why We’re Different

Group Structure / Services Overview / Products / People

Strength In Numbers

This is an overview of the companies in our group, which employs just under 130 people.

Agency Portfolios

Take a peek at our various expert services we have to offer in the agency.

Loyalty Audit

We’ve won awards for loyalty programs and we offer The Only Loyalty Audit In South Africa.

Innovation Management

We are an award winning innovation management agency, with our own Innovation Management System called Horizon.

Imran Patel

Imran's specialty lies in Customer Entanglement, Innovation Management, Digital Engagement, Loyalty, Rewards, CVP & Integrated Marketing. His Master’s thesis focused on Sports Marketing & Metrics.

Inter-Net and Group MD

Keith Wiser

Keith is viewed by many as the father of direct marketing in South Africa. He was the Direct Marketer Of The Year (2008) and was inducted into the DMA Hall Of Fame in 2009.

Group Executive Chairman

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